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Sexual energy gives youth and vitality

“Working with energy is a pivotal factor in our overall state of happiness. Water, is the life-giving sustenance of the earth. Where water flows life flourishes. That same principle is at work in our bodies. If we want a healthy body energy must flow as freely as water to all parts. Without proper energy flow the body creates tension, sickness, and disease. It becomes like a stagnant pool. Without continuous circulation things have a tendency to become malignant.

Sexual energy is nourishment for the totality of ourselves — the body, the mind, and the spirit. It is the water of life, replenishing the gardens of the human temple. The exercises for sexual energy developed in the Taoist teachings are much more sophisticated and focused than in the West. They go right to the source of our sexuality and cultivate it in a way that brings sexual energy, health and strength to those who use them properly.

Sexual energy, according to the Taoists, is much more than the act of sex, because it permeates all areas of our lives. It influences the health and aging of the body by affecting hormonal production. An abundance of sexual energy repairs hormonal disturbances, reduces cholesterol, and decreases blood pressure levels. When sex glands are stimulated, it enhances the hormones secreted by the other major endocrine glands: adrenal, thymus, thyroid, pituitary, and pineal. Much evidence points to the link between harmonious sexual activity and the retardation of aging.

Sexual reflexology stimulates the growth hormones, whose abilities to retard aging are just now being discovered by Western medicine. In the Taoist perspective, hormones should be stimulated naturally, through exercises and massage, not taken externally through medication. The presence of these hormones in the blood appears to slow the aging process. With Taoist cultivation of sexual energy techniques, one produces unusually potent hormones by focusing energy directly on the endocrine glands.

Sexual energy is not only beneficial to the body but fuels the emotions as well, which can either blaze out of control or create the warmth of comfortable, glowing energy in the body. Sexual imbalances can cloud the mind with distorted thoughts and skewed desires, but a balanced sexuality can be the source of creativity and a way of fulfilling our dreams. It is also the energy that can create spiritual fulfillment, as it is a force that unifies and creates wholeness out of opposites.

From this perspective, we can begin to see that it is of utmost importance that we deal with and utilize sexual energy. It is very important to remember that sexual energy must be used in the proper way and not be suppressed or eliminated. Suppressing sexual energy is like trying to hold hundreds of Ping-Pong balls underwater. If you press them down, they pop up somewhere else. Instead, sexual reflexology seeks to express this energy in a way that will enhance your body, mind, and spirit. Otherwise this energy will seek outlets through which it will be under utilized and wasted or could even be potentially detrimental to one's overall health. The Taoists developed these techniques so that we can live in harmony with ourselves and others.

There is so much power behind our sexuality that without the proper knowledge of how to manage and direct that energy, it will inevitably go astray. Yet with the correct knowledge and balanced action, our sexual energy has the potential to bring happiness and joy into all aspects of our lives. It is essential that we as human beings tap into our true potential, gaining the insight to create a passionate and powerful life and become all that we are meant to be.


In the tradition of Taoism, sex was seen in an altogether different context than in the West. Rather than being the great sin, sexual energy was considered a path toward health and vitality and a way to connect intimately with the divine. Divinity is seen as a state of wholeness and completeness that is implicit in all of us. In the traditions of the East, man and woman represent opposite halves of a universal whole. Each is an earthly manifestation of the cosmic creative forces — yin and yang, feminine and masculine, Heaven and Earth — whose intermingling brings forth all phenomena. When man and woman unite in sex, Heaven and Earth are joined.

This article was excerpted from Sexual Reflexology, ©2003, by Mantak Chia & William Wei.

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