Egoism and Energy Reversals

An energetic reversal is when your beliefs, with the thoughts and feelings that support them, go directly against your natural body/mind intuition of what is healthy and good. Energetic reversals cause untold suffering. To bring our mind and emotions back into harmony with what is natural is a tremendous relief and releases free flowing energy and joy. It is like waking up out of a bad dream.

We all have certain critically important developmental needs. When these needs were not met and instead become focal points for energetic reversals we are in a mess. The problem is so many people are like this we think its normal: but it is not normal! What is normal is to be open, loving, creative, and courageous. We are happy and free when our intuitive body intelligence systems and our mind resonate in a natural harmony, or, to put in in another way, when loving values reflected from our higher nature guide our heart.

Energy reversals take on their own life and build their own support systems in our minds. They then resist being dismantled which would be the end of them. They identify with a deep existential fear of death that is in us all and fight to stay alive. Through our ego needs we identify with all this turned around stuff as if they were us. As long as we maintain our identity with egoism and its dynamics we cannot undo reversed mental energies and so will continue to suffer the negativity they create in our lives.

Egoism is a form of addiction. It is a hypnotic spell. To get free we need to break the mental spell completely. Here is what needs to be done.

Here are some common characteristics of egoism:
a. Insecure: afraid of what others may think, afraid of the unknown, afraid of rejection, afraid of taking responsibility, afraid of making mistakes, afraid of being controlled, afraid of sickness, afraid of all that threatens ego's hold, afraid of death.
b. Territorial and possessive: identifies with possessions and is afraid of losing them; equates possessions with personal power; is jealous of other’s power, possessions and accomplishments and is afraid of other people's potential to take over what it sees as its own.
c. Projects blame on others: will not look at its own nature; projects its self-created dynamics of stress and misery as a fault of others and/or external forces beyond its control.
d. Identifies with anything other than True Being which is the end of egoism, its death, the very thing it is most afraid of.
e. Selfish manipulation of others to get what it wants: sees others as objects to use for pleasure or to gain personal power and self worth.
f. Arrogance instead of healthy pride: healthy pride is personal satisfaction over a job well done and a sense of personal worth and dignity without making any comparisons with others. Arrogance is a compensation for ego’s insecurity and puts others down in order to enhance one’s own feelings of superiority and special self worth.

Do you recognize any of these traits working in your life? If not you are either perfect or in a state of serious delusion.

The fact is that we all have egoism. It is a universal stage of immature life we are meant to experience then outgrow: but many do not because egoism gets so mixed up with good traits of the soul in most people. We say to ourselves, "I'm not like that," as we quickly think about our strengths to defend ourselves. But we must first see our inner egotistic nature clearly so we can develop a healthy sense of separation from its traits. See it clearly. Be honest! This nature is the real source of all your self-created stress and relational problems. See it and stop identifying with it. Then alone are you ready for a new, much more meaningful and happier identity.

All religions speak of this liberation from egoism. It is central to the spiritual way. Here are some classical ways to experience this.

A. Christian way: create a real identify with Christ’s death by accepting that this egoistic nature in you is dead and therefore of no use and that God absolutely does not acknowledge this as your real self. Renounce your sense of separated life and follow Christ in a real inward way: meaning open to the pure, free, resurrected Life of Christ in you that has overcome everything. Learn to wait on God in the true Biblical sense of quieting your inner heart and through your response to limitless Love loving you weave your soul together with the Father of all. Blend a loving waiting on God with childlike, trusting prayer, creative freedom and celebrative actions to express in joyous Love the universal Life of Christ uniquely through your saved soul.

B. Buddhist way: radically see egoism as Maya, meaning a complete illusion. Recognize it clearly as the source of habitual karmic patterns of misery and in this clear seeing let go of all identify with it. In meditation focus on an inner sense of no-thingness, of inner spaciousness, of the living void. Use your breath to connect with this open spaciousness that is the highest reality of pure, free consciousness, Nirvana, bliss. Do acts of compassion and create expressions of peace, beauty and harmony in the world. Stay awake!

C. Hindu way: see egoism as illusion, as the false self. Through prayer and meditation, dance, exploration, Sacred Tantra, workshops... by any and all means experience the pure Light of Life in you as Atman, your divine self at one with Brahman, the Ultimate Oneness beyond all gods and concepts of god. Move from karma to dharma through actions to wake up others into Love and their own true joyous freedom. Live in the creative flexibility and freedom of Krishna and move through everything into God.

D. Non Religious Way: Consciousness is the ground of all matter. Every electron spins in it. Therefore on the highest or deepest level of your being is the Pure, Naked Light of the miracle of Life itself. Come consciously home to the Ground of Existence in you, the no-thingness that atomic energy exists in. You are 9,999 parts that for every part atomic energetic material.

This Ground of Existence is like crystal clear water in the glass of your body/mind system. The water is constantly colored by the flow of emotions, thoughts, imaginations, impulses, desires, and needs passing through it. We are awareness aware of the shifting colorations but not the transparent, clear substance, the essence of self that the colors appear within. Though the Ground of your True Being carries the colors it never becomes them. It is always clean, always open, always spacious, and in a moral sense always innocent of blame. It is forever free. Move into touch with True Being in you through study, meditation and absorption of the actual nature of things, and resonate with this high and free level through kindness, creativity, and every form of real Love, for history teaches us that this is the only way everything works together to create a pure resonance of mutual joy. Learn for yourself if this is true by honestly trying it.

Once you see the nature of your own egoism clearly and get a taste of the purity and freedom of the Ground of all being, then the foundation is set for you to undo energetic reversals and grow into increasing spiritual freedom. Until this foundation is clear you will continue to live in a muddy mix of the positive and negative elements of egoism that will forever blind you to the energy turn arounds that lie at the root of all human suffering. When you know you have suffered this way of being enough you are ready to grow, open, clear and free. See the exercises in the Healing Area which can help you connect with your own True Being and wash in it's free, open nature..