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Ecstasy points beyond itself and whispers with silky breath,
Go deeper.
Do not grasp the ecstatic, white flame!
Let the flooding flow.
Let the whole body move
as the body loves to move:
the innocent arching, the hot swell
of blood, the sweet, silky blossoming.
And go deeper.
Ride the tiger into deep tenderness,
into the innocence of God.
Take a bath in pure ecstasy.
Open wide and drink in the essence
of the other.
Feel their body tremble. Move with
their movements.
Follow yours.
Let the opening fully open. Dive in.
And go deeper. Pass beyond in blinding
White Light.
Nothing fully satisfies
but God.

Blake Steele

There is currently a world-wide explosion of pornographic sexual expression fostered by the internet that is destructive to our highest capacities for happiness and long term wellness.

According to the dictionary, pornography is material that is sexually explicit and intended to cause sexual arousal. This is a very general definition that I feel in no way addresses the darker connotations we normally associate with the word: connotations that draw some sort of sharp demarcation between pornography and sexual health.

I would define pornography as that which is sexually explicit in a degrading, demeaning way that exemplifies sex without soul. It is a general energetic mileu of sex as selfish manipulation isolated from the nourishing nature of real Love and the goodness of mutual kindness and respect.

When women become nothing more then pleasure holes for soulless men, something is very, very wrong: not only with the manipulative, loveless men involved, but with the women who submit themselves to such degradation. They are decreased, eroded away, made smaller by the attitudes, actions and language of self-absorbed pornographic people. And something in them accepts this. It certainly isn’t their passion to be joyful, spunky, free people but rather a self-destructive nature.

And pornographic men have lost their higher sensitivities of love, kindness, true concern for the welfare of others as well as their capacity to bring the entirety of their being to the sexual act itself thus greatly diminishing the depth and quality of their experience.

How beautiful and innocent the body truly is!

Sex is composed of astonishingly beautiful and powerful energies. The pleasurable nature of sex is an aspect of our highly developed nervous and glandular systems that encompass all aspects of ourselves: spiritual, intellectual, imaginative, intuition, desire, will and emotion. Experienced souls know that the fullest experience of sexual energy can only be known through integration with the totality of ourselves.

Sex is pleasurable. Pleasure is a feeling of delight and happiness. Think about it: happiness is a wonderfully pleasurable state. That’s why we all long for it. We are designed for happiness and pleasure. It is an indication of health. That means that sex, in its energetic essence, is healthy and very good.

Sex is powerful because it is an essential part of our bodies health and harmony — and beyond this, it draws us to another; opens our being; fosters a deep, intimate knowing and being known; and can lead us to our highest and truest sacred nature. It is mysterious and sacred. To allow sex to be controled by that which is demeaning and degrading is like allowing a twisted, malevolent dwarf to ride and control a magnificent wild, white tiger.

We all have instincts that urge us on towards life-enhancing things, but often these instincts are twisted away from their true intent into self-destructive patterns. We have an urge to live open, without guilt or shame, as spontaneous, creative and free beings. I can’t help but feel that many young people engaged in the pornographic world are passionately looking for these qualities. But what they often find actually shrinks their souls and wounds them for their higher being knows that something really important is missing. Grasping after freedom they are abused by selfishness and end up tragically missing the real thing.

Sex as joyous freedom is good, good stuff. Sex as an expression of the sacred nature of being is good, good, very good stuff. Discovering the “naked” pure nature of sexual energy, cleansed of degrading energies, is to discover not only all that is best about ourselves but the clean, free, ecstatic nature of the Spirit too.

To be sexually healed is to live without shame in up surging fountains of inspiration and happiness. It is to enjoy spirit, soul and body as a harmonious wholeness. It is to honor the mystery and hidden beauty of every being, starting with ourselves. It is to be free to touch your own and other’s deepest, most loving nature. It is living life celebrating your own miraculous existence. It is honoring the high and pure, infinite nature of the Divine Source that is ultimately our greatest pleasure because it is the ultimate beauty and freedom.

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