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Sexual Energy As Pure Life Flow
How can we best become aware of the life flow in our body and effectively learn to move it? How can we become aware of its blockages, and what is a powerfully effective way to melt them? What is the quickest way to grow self-accepting, open and innocent as a free flowing conduit of blessing and healing to yourself and others?
“Focusing on sexual energy, we go to the very base of our life force. Therefore the principle of tantra is a very direct and fast way for growth. We become aware of the reality of our energy very quickly. We can feel our blockages very directly. And we can soon start to melt them, unfolding the mystery of our unique presence in the world.” Denisa Paleckova
Tantra Spa, Prague
Awaken your sexual energy and move it through your whole body. Sexual energy is your primal life force energy. It is a pure pleasure that makes our whole body/mind system sing. As we learn to move it through our entire being it can clearly reveal all the energetic reversals programmed in our minds, for everywhere we resist the purity and naturalness of this happy energy flow fear still rules.

This makes perfect sense! Sexual energy is so healthy and so obvious. It can engage everything at once: body chemistry, nerve flow, hormones and Chi (Sacred Life-Spirit) thus opening up energy pathways quickly and effectively.
Our challenge is to come to total acknowledgment and acceptance of our sexual/energetic self with a maturity beyond adolescent fixations. Opening this way is not just an excuse to selfishly and addictively immerse ourselves in sexual energy. It is a true path to cleansing our energetic systems in the flow of healing Chi, the clean wind, the Holy Spirit, with an intention of Love radiantly transforming us.

In all spiritual things intention is the key. Be clear in your intention. Be consistent in it. Make it a habit. Choose to be wide open, naturally innocent and blossoming free in real Love….. forever.
"More Love, liberation, purity of being and sanity in the world through my life, in all my relations and through my heart-felt work."
Sexual energy is pure creativity. Of course it is: it creates new bodies. To allow it to flow through our entire being is to become more creatively inspired and free. We can all live to leave a body of creative work that blesses the world now, and future generations — whether in words, images, places, or our direct influence on others — a work of love that creates bridges from the old tribal, taboo based religions to new patterns of wholeness, joyous Life, compassionate and freedom that natually creates profoundly sane communities of beauty-making and peace.

Be wide open to Life in all its mysteries. Be full of free flowing, creative juices. You can innocently and joyously use sexual energy to open you.

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