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To expand your experience of sacred sexuality does not necessarily entail rituals or any of the old Tantra postures or symbols. It is a matter of your heart. Is your heart desiring wholeness? Is your heart desiring to reconnect with the source of all Being? Is your heart wanting to center itself in the peace of pure Light and Love? If so, your intention to grow in these things is enough to carry you into sacred sex.

We can find real freedom in the Light, Love and Spirit of Freedom that are the essence of Existence and all the ancient religions. But to experience this takes a purification of our souls from inner shadows of errant beliefs and the emotions and memories that support them. There is no other way.

Fortunately purification is not just about facing our inner negativity. It is primarily an experience of being washed again and again by Light and Pure Love — and that is beautiful! We can only be liberated by the grace of that which is already free. And once we glimpse the divinely free, we fall in love. Therefore, purification is primarily about who or what we love and seek with our hearts. The value of facing our fears is that we overcome fear, which by its constrictive nature blocks the opening and expansive nature of Love. But it is by washing in the free flow of Love that we grow clear about our fears and gain confidence to face them until we see they have no meaning to us anymore.
Sexual energy can be a powerful ally in our process of growing free for sex is a pure Life-enhancing power. When sex unites with the freedom of the Spirit flowing through us that is a whole lot of positive energy which can be directed to open our energetic channels as well as affirming the best we know as we break old thinking patterns.

And the uniting of pure sex energy with the Love and freedom of the Spirit opens our hearts not only to our higher levels of being, but to the essence of each other and deeply unites us on the level of Divine beauty. Ecstasy of body and spirit is really good stuff!

See the Healing Page for exercises in sacred sexuality as a way to freedom.
To become free we must want this more than “justice” or revenge, or balancing the scales, or punishment, or getting “what we think we deserve” or more grief. All this comes from our "pain body" the accumulated pain and grief within us, and just perpetuates it. We just must choose freedom by grace... given from realms of pure, divine freedom as freely as sunshine. There is no other way.
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