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To become whole we must bring our whole self home to our deepest levels of being. We must reconnect body with spirit, and this means all the body’s good energies with the pure essence of spirit which is the Light of Life we actually are. In this process our body becomes fully alive and sings, for it was designed to function in the freedom and clarity of Life’s Light. Our body is full of awareness and intelligence. It is astonishing how it hums along and maintains itself. When we open our body to pure Spirit, which is the essence of consciousness and thus Life, we bring a union that is just as it has always meant to be. We, as individuals and as societies are crying out for this wholeness. The entire world needs it desperately.

The old religious systems were almost entirely developed by men and are one sided and thus out of balance. An ascetic system denies the union of opposites. For the male the female becomes a temptation instead of a door to wholeness and thus liberation.

When a spiritual system is out of balance it cannot bring its followers to the fullness of Life it promises. We see this in organized religions. In all fairness there is much goodness, love, healing, and joy that goes on in the more open spiritual communities, but many sincere souls in them are intuitively longing for something more, a union with the Divine which is the next step into wholeness. This is the union of heaven as the freedom and ways of the Spirit with earth as the full functioning in Love of all that is natural and good. To come to this wholeness there must be new spiritual paradigms that move us beyond the limits of the old patriarchal one-sided religions in order to unite the entirety of our selves with the simple purity and freedom of Pure Spirit.
The term God has a lot of diverse meanings, so perhaps it is best to use the term Divine, meaning Life’s Pure Light, Unconditional Love and Freedom of Spirit. These are the essential qualities that alone can make us a free people. Every religion honors the divine and so every religious person should honor these divine qualities. Terms cannot unite humanity, but spiritual qualities can and do when actually lived.
As Meister Eckhart said in the 13th century, “Everything is pure at its source, and only there.” What is pure is free and what is free is pure. It is freedom to function spontaneously in harmony with reality, with the great oneness of all existence which can hum and sing together like a vast symphony, but only when all the instruments are tuned and playing their part. The magic is, the parts are not taught by some external conductor, some final great world guru or political leader, they are discovered in each heart, written there by Life itself. As we become the most genuinely us, through honesty, openness and following our own sense of unfoldment, we find ourselves slipping into a beautiful resonance with others who are also opening and becoming real. This resonance is the Spirit and the result is the harmony of real Love.
Sex has been left out of the old religions. Now it must be fully embraced as an important ally, a sacred energy of Life that can fill us with desire for wholeness because wholeness is a very pleasant state. If we relate to the Divine as ultimate joy, as bliss, even as ecstatic bliss, why wouldn’t we naturally want to grow more open to the Divine Source of us and of all? Wouldn’t you be excited to know that blissful freedom is your truest nature and that it is always within you to tap into for strength and refreshment throughout your life? Sex can teach us so many things about Life and health and happiness once we approach it and our own bodies as sacred, wise and good

Sex softens our hearts and opens us like sunshine unfolds a tight bud. As sexual energy awakens and arises within us it thrills our entire being. When sex is freed from the shadows of morbid guilt and selfishness it fills us with super good feelings about others, all life and ourselves. Pure sex teaches us to be kind and tender, sensitive and open with others and our own souls.

Sex when opened wide to the Light of the Divine inspires us to move beyond ego limitations and experience Life as free flowing energy that draws us towards union with someone we resonate with in Love. And the instinct of sex to surrender completely can teach our entire being to open to the Divine freedom and Presence that is our ultimate home. If we take sex out of the constricted little boxes we have build around it and allow it to expand in balance with our entire being it can be an important bridge of deep healing, integration and thus a wholeness that emerges out of spiritual reality.

As with all aspects of Life, there must be integration. Sex is one flame of at least seven spiritual flames or centers within us. (Click here for more info.) The other flames must be equally valued: deep knowing, commitment to real Love and freedom, an open heartedness in Love’s compassions, courage to be ourselves in the face of opposition, clear minds that function creatively as well as logically, and openness to the Pure Essence of the Divine in which all the Universe exists. We can add the flames of our heart’s desires and of the freedom of our Light body as well. So you see, if our commitment is to develop into whole beings and into all our potential, we will not become bogged down in obsessiveness about sexual pleasure but keep moving through all things, integrating and opening, growing towards our higher potential in this world.

Oh, we may need to become fully immersed in sexual energy for a while in order to cleanse it of old negative and twisted energies and learn all we can from it, but this is good, very good, and should not be judged as addictive or obsessive but rather as a very needed process to bring everything home to the Source of all within us.

One day we will leave these bodies and with them their sexual juices, in order to ascend into a greater freedom, a purer joy and bliss than we can now dream of: but this does not make our bodies unimportant — just the opposite. We have been incarnated in bodies not to reject and conquer them, but to integrate fully with them by cleansing them of negative energies in order to learn all we can of natural wisdom in this relatively limited state and to bring the Light of Spirit into and through all our body’s juices and instincts.

This is the path of incarnation that alone brings powerful change to human consciousness. As each one of us grows more fully here, more freely open, more completely alive the Divine is more fully released into this world, right here, right now which allow others to open more freely and soul by soul, step by step, the world becomes more balanced, more beautiful, more spontaneously free.

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