The goal of these images is to gaze at them until you feel the pure essence of innocent beauty they express. It is to feel your own sexual energy with a spirit of laughter and thankfulness of heart to the God of Life who creates all energies pure. These images therefore act as spiritual mirrors that reveal what is in your mind. If you sense anything other than natural, innocent beauty — that your own projection. If you feel anything other than clean, joyous sexual energy — that is a coloration of your heart.

We see life through the filters of our beliefs and the thoughts and feelings they create within us. Once we see how completely we color life with our own minds we begin to take responsibility to free our selves from all the negative energies and distortions we project so we can experience Life as it actually is: 100% pure, astonishingly good and dynamically free. To the inwardly clean, everything becomes clean. To the clear mind all is clear. To the free, all is free. This is the pathway to what is ultimately real.

This process takes place through conscious inner work with the "garden" of your heart. Please see the Healing Practices Page for simple ways to free yourself and grow into the fullness of happiness and fulfillment that we are all so beautifully designed to express.

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