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The first instinct of a new born baby is to suckle its mother's breasts. Think of it, a warm soft breast is the first experience imprinted on our souls. It is no wonder we have such an instinctual attraction to breasts. You could say that at the center of each person's soul is a round, sweet spiritual breast of primal innocence that can reconnect us to the inherent innocence of all things.

To repress this basic instinctual attraction is to twist it into something lurid. To the poetic soul breasts can be profound symbolic icons of divine tenderness and the pure flow of Life itself into our deepest beings. Ah, what kindness comforts the human soul at the sight or touch of a woman's soft breasts! God bless breasts!

Click on image to see larger version. Take time to feel into the tender beauty of each image. Allow it to reconnect you to all that is true and pure and free within yourself. The old conditioning will block this. See the spiritual exercise page to move past it. Keep coming back and gazing until you realize the divine purity and wash in it. This is the real you: innocent perception! "The bright and clarified will perceive God bright and clear..." Ps 18:26
It's a sad day when men lose their love of women's breasts. Breasts should make a man's soul tender, delight him and open him to the softness of the Divine spirit... always. And women too love breasts: both lesbians and women who enjoy men. I'm sure breasts must feel really, really good to massage and care for, to enjoy their sensitivity and how they move deep energies in a woman's belly. God made breasts. How beautiful they are... and not just breasts in their springtime youth, older women's breasts are beautiful too. Like an older woman's soul, her body holds much life, many stories, and the added dimensions that only years of living can give.
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