The Light Body is the highest level of our Being: it is our actual nature, and truest Self. (See Light Body info). To ride the insticts of sexual sensation is to discover that sex is designed to open us, to cause a melting, a full surrender. When we connect this instinct with a desire to get in touch with the strength and beauty of our true Self, then our body and heart come home.
There are people who are so sensitive that they can see people's auras, energy bodies, and even the Light Body. These are levels of awareness beyond normal experience. But they are real. There are over 13 million tesitmonies of Near Death Experiences, when people leave their bodies in their Light Body and travel to higher realms of awareness. They all say... normal consciousness is like a dream: this was super alive and utterly real!
Conscious Light is the Source of everything. Matter is like frozen Light. This awareness is so beautiful and exciting. It means that you are a being of Light, a spiritual being, having a human experience. Here are some of the qualities of the Light that is in us — that we actually are.
The Light is peace...
The Light is Love...
The Light is clear...
The Light is clean...
The Light is wise...
The Light is good...
The Light is free...
The Light is kind...
The Light is honest...
The Light is healing...
The Light is beautiful...
The Light forgives...
I open, I open,
I open to the Light
I am... the clean Light
the clear Light so I can
be whole. So I can be
Love loving, peaceful,
kind, good and free.
So I can be real,
and connected to the
world of stars and seas
of mountains and wind.
So I can live a true life,
with strength and courage of heart, loving myself, my body, my face, friends, and being.


"As spirits, we are eternally young, perfect, innocent, and happy. We are completely light and completely love. I can hardly get over how childlike and unafraid my spirit was..."

"I was overcome with the most wondrous emotions of love and joy and acceptance. It was so fantastically joyful, like a long awaited homecoming."

These are very typical experiences of those who die and come back to tell us what it is like to be out of the physical body.

Illuminated people tell us the same: we can experience these higher levels of our being for ourselves by quieting our minds in meditation. We are more beautiful and wonderful than we can imagine.

Sex and Spirit

Our body is designed to become illuminated by spiritual Light. As we discover the real nature of our bodies and beings our mind fills with joy, for what is real is very, very good. Sex is the creative energy of our biology. It is designed to create innocent babies, to give us joy and release our stress, to make us tender and bring us close together — and also to open us to the Divine, to higher worlds, to our own inner magnificence and beauty.

Sexual sensations create really good, healing and healthy hormones in our body. There are things we can do to actually transform our biology from stress and unhappiness into love and happiness. If you would like to learn more about this, please see Sex and Spirit's sister site: Pink Tantra. There is also much good information in the Articles on this site.
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