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Art Gallery: The Lingam
In the West we only have technical medical names for our most intimate body parts. This is criminal. It robs our souls of the deep beauty that should be connected to the most life-filled parts of our bodies.

Lingam is the  Sanskrit name for "penis". It means, "Wand of Light." This is a beautifully poetic name. Lingam holds Life's magical powers to create. It can squirt out the pure white seed of life with uncontrollable pleasure. This seed is luminous with a hundred million living cells, each carrying the spark and codes that create a human being. The Lingam is super sensitive. When loved and cared for it comes fully alive and seems to have its own intelligence. It is a poor master because of its limited perspective — but can be a beautiful servant of our health and happiness, the joy of our lover, and our spiritual instinct to open to God.

This gallery is a celebration of the miracle and beauty of the male seed sprouter, the ecstatic rod of life... the divine Lingam.

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The same intelligence that designed the flower designed the Lingam.

It has many moods, shapes and conditions.

It's natural for it to be senstive and loving.

It loves playfulness.

It can grow from tender, nestling warmth to fiery,
get ready, here I come passion.

It loves lots of loving attention.

It is fun and wild.

It is completely good and natural.

Women naturally love Lingam. It is the perfect compliment to their beautiful bodies.
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We must tranform our way of relating to and thinking about our own bodies. Illumination must start right here. The Source of everything is relaxed and natural, like a fearless child who is full of wonder and curiosity. See everything with new, innocent eyes and Life becomes astonishingly beautiful.

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