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Word and Image Meditations
For you who are serious about challenging and changing old beliefs and connotations gaze quietly at these images and allow the combination of words and images to create new connections in your mind. Of course, these are women in their prime of life, fresh, firm, and beautiful. Most women do not look like this. Their beauty is also real. It is perceived by the loving heart.

It is utterly true: God designed every aspect of us, and God loves what God imagines and creates. God loves the naked human body: loves it like an artist, like a designer, like a maker. If you don't believe there is infinite Oneness and intelligence within everything then just think: this body is the work of millions of years of mindless sorting and adaptation. So quietly gaze at this work of mindless art surpassing anything the mind with all its intelligence can do! What a mind-boggling miracle!

Is it possible that we don't realize God because God is so soft and silent? Could this be the reason that those who practice developing their inner spiritual sensitivities say there really is an infinitely tender Presence in all things? A woman's breast connects us to the innocent child in the center of our souls. This tenderness of being is still there, connected to the soft Source of all things. Gaze and reconnect in the gentle Love that radiates from a woman's sensitive hand and soft breast.

It is a profound law that we perceive Life not as it is, but as we are. The development of Christian theology was mainly by celibate men, so in the West we inherited a totally masculine God and his virgin mother. I'm not saying this is wrong: it is a powerful way God comes in Love to many people, but we must realize the Divine is not limited to our projections, traditions and beliefs. In reality, God, being wholeness, perfectly balances the full richness of both the masculine and feminine essences of Spirit. Therefore, God is also beautiful feminine, lush and sensually pure. Sense this divine feminine essence by quiet gazing and a sincere willingness to expand and enrich your understanding.

An icon is a figurative representation of a divine quality. What purer image could there be for the infinite Source of Life that nourishes all existence than a woman's breasts? It is utterly healthy and natural to love a woman's soft, comforting breasts. There is an innocent essence that flows out of them. Can you feel it? Let the image reveal both the shadows that cloud the Light and the Light itself within you. This is a path to liberation! Choose the Light. You are always free to choose. And be forgiving of yourself. God forgives us all as freely as the sun shines. The feelings that come from your own pure being will come as you persevere in your clear intention to be the most real you, the most alive you! Liberation comes from the Light as a free gift. Why not welcome it?

Happiness is sensing the pure essence of things. This is what it is to be fully open and freely alive. Sense the essence of a tree, a bird, a cloud... a woman's body. Can you sense the innocent beauty in this image? Can you feel through that innocent beauty the spiritual qualities behind all form? Just enjoy this pure beauty. It is a gift to you from Love itself.

If you want to use these images as a spiritual process, bookmark this page and come back. Keep gazing until all you can feel is the pure spiritual essence of innocent being. This is the real you, forever pure and alive, radiant with Love in the infinite ocean of Divine Light.

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