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Open and Free
This gallery is a celebration of the open, joyous delight of loving our own bodies. There are two ways to be "shameless." One is to dull your conscious so it doesn't bother you when you do hurtful things to yourself and others. The other is to be innocent, open and free, connected to the pure Light of your own mysterious Being, awakening to the True Nature of your Divine/human Self that lives forever without a shadow of morbid guilt or shame.

To be innocently open and free is to be free indeed! This gallery honors this freedom to be naturally open about our good bodies. This is a spiritual quality that is being widely expressed amongst young people, but so far is finding little healthy support from society. Children naturally love to be naked. So do spiritual children. To everyone who loves openness and freedom — this gallery is for you!

Our body is incredibly complex, with many energetic layers: such as mind, emotions, desires and imagination. And then there are higher layers of free energies and the miracle of the Light at the center of our own Being. This Light-level is Divine, linking us to all Existence. We are designed by this Light's infinite intelligence to be knowledgeable, sensitive, imaginative, creatively free, and sensuously ecstatic — growing in the awareness of the miracle of the our own Being and all the gifts of Creation. This is health, happiness, freedom and joy!

The body is as innocent as flowers,
as sunshine, as the pure water of high mountain streams.
Can we sense and inhabit it as it actually is?
From our deep, pure essence, Yes!
For in those clear eyes of Pure Life in us, all things appear as they actually are:
pure again, free again... fully loving.

To see ourselves as less than innocent in our birth and being is to be bound with mental/emotiional ropes that hold us back from being all we are, and can be. But to feel our Original, fresh innocence is to experience an inner joy that whispers, yes, yes, yes, to our deep heart and mind.
It is good to feel good. It is good to love ourselves just as we are, to bring love to our bodies heals our bodies and allows us to make the very best of our bodies, minds and lives.
Original innocence of Being is the treasure, that when discovered reveals the true nature of everything. It is deep within us. It is the Light that can never be put out, never be harmed, and shall never die. We are this. This is a much better thing to believe than the doubts and fears that cause so much darkness & pain!
In the depth of our hearts is the light of peace. In this stillness we sense how beautiful everything really is... beyond the illusions that we are not this Light, that we are not enough in our own beingness, that there is no higher intelligence in the freedom of the Spirit of Love. This illusion is the pain that drags us down. It is simply allowing and accepting these beautiful truths of the miracle of ourselves that turns on our inner Light and sets us free.
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