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Sexual play with others adds an entirely new demension of joy, but also of responsibility. Intention is the key to life. What is my purpose? Is it kind? Is it caring for the happiness of others as well as myself? Am I clear about selfish abuse? Do I see that part of myself that would like to use and dispose of others? (See Healing Article.) What about being responsible for the safety of all involved? Above all, can I seek the high and true good of us both in this?

Relationships add complexity. There is no way around it. But this is the challenge of living life to the fullness. We must communicate, communicate, communicate and share our purposes as we share our love. Let's be kind to each other and open up to learn and grow. The Universe is for us!

Sex is not about being fixated on having orgasms. It is designed to be a journey of exploration, of mutual opening, of profound realizations, of melting inner hardness and softening into the most sublme states of Being imaginable. It really can open us to the infinte and there is nothing more beautiful than this. Take time. Go slowly — then more slowly, deeper and deeper. Keep opening. Who knows what you will find? In discovering the radiant essence of another we catch glimpses of our own true face.

Take time to be naked in nature. Listen, soak in the sun with your bare skin; feel every puff of breeze, really hear the water. Tender sensitivities open us.

Enjoy each other. Remember, Love as kindness and care is sacred.

In the Sacred Sex of the East women lead. When women help each other become truly at home in their spiritual and sensual natures they can better lead man beyond mere sensual gratification into his higher nature of Pure Light, Love and Freedom. This is the highest expression of sex and of relational bliss.

Women, you are divinely beautiful!

When a woman receives a man with joy she heals him.

Do what you love and love what you do.
Exploration is ecstatic. Go slowly and savor each other fully.

There are many ways to play.
Oral sex is incredibly intimate. The soft mouth
and the most sensitive body parts seem to be made for each other.

For most men, a woman giving him oral sex is an incredible gift.

Explore, discover what you love, and share that freely. To enjoy means to be in joy.

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