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A Healthy Self-Love Leads To Loving Others Naturally
When sexual energy is encountered in our bodies in its pure essence, without mental projections or emotional clouds, we discover how joyous and playful this primal Life force really is. If we had been properly initiated in our adolescent sexual awakening by wise, sacred sexual teachers we would have naturally connected the playfulness of childhood with our beautiful ecstatic natures and explored and played without shadows of secretness and shame. (See Sexual Initiation Writing.) To try to control sexual energy through repression and fear has had disastrous effects now for centuries. (See Repression article.) Our sexual area is our base spiritual center. If we have this one wrong, it affects all the others. (Learn about spiritual centers in our bodies.)

To be spiritually free is to realize things as they actually are, and to develop creatively free and joyous relationships with all aspects of ourselves and of Life. I hope with all my heart for the day when young people are taught how pure and wise their bodies are so they may approach their newly awakened ecstatic natures with all the playfulness and joy of free children who enjoy themselves, and thus thankfully enjoy being fully alive.

These images catch something of a healthy playfulness with our own bodies, letting our bodies teach us and being friends with them: and enjoying fully the gifts of God to experience profound states of good feeling, good chemistry and good healing pleasure with gratitude. These images focus mainly on women. I apologize for the limitations. I’m sure there are many who would also appreciate more images of men.

As with the other galleries, these images may bring up all kinds of feelings. If your intention is to grow healthy and whole, allow this: it is the nature of purification. Observe your feelings and question them. Are they truly healthy or are they just familiar? Have they led you to be the fullest, freest person you can be? If so, go with them. If not, these images along with the pages on Healing Practices can carry you forward in your journey into joy.
Be your body's best friend.

Love ecstasy and freely explore it.

Let ecstasy arise to fill your entire being, right to the top of your head and out your heart and hands.

Know what your body likes and then your lover will too.

Take time to enjoy the feeling of being fully in your body. You are Light in flesh.

Recover all the innocent playfulness of childhood for this is the doorway to profound joy!

Experience ecstasy purely. Surrender fully and let it carry you.

God gave us ecstasy to enjoy and to open us. It is sacred and good.

Explore instruments.

Stay in touch with your heart.

Play with pleasure. Let it fill you completely.

Move it through your entire body with attention and breath. Go deeper.

Know your good body, inside and out. It is utterly innocent.

Playfulness doesn't take ourselves so seriously, and paradoxically, things work out much better in our lives. Trust completely. Enjoy yourself: joy is infectious.

Ahhhhhhhh.... deep inward ahhhhh.

How beautiful a woman's body truly is!

How beautiful ecstatic bliss is.

For men too—of course—orgasm is divinely rapturous.
When sex is naturalized and brought into happy balance, it stops controlling our thinking all the time. It becomes integrated. We expand in joy, open in curiosity, become juicy with creativity. And when we treat our own bodies with respect we will instinctively treat other people's bodies the same way.

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