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Intimacy Involves Our Innermost Nature

Sexual Union is sacred. It is worthy of the utmost respect for it unites two souls even as the bodies unite. This is because there are no walls between body energies and our mental/emotional natures. Of course full interblending is the highest expression of sexual union. It is possible to hold yourself back, to only allow body to touch body, but something must fill the space of your missing heart and it is too often a dark force of self-absorption that is unable to break beyond the prison house of self to care for the other.

These images celebrate the most intimate aspects of sexual play and union. They are not meant to be “sensational,” but to express the mystery and beauty of two souls meeting through bodies. They start with the joy of oral play and move to the power of sexual union. Again, gaze and sense the beauty of intimate sharing. This is a gift of the Great Love who spins galaxies. It is designed by infinite intelligence and is very, very good. As with every pure and powerful thing, treat it with the respect it is due and it will bless you in return.

Oral sexual play is incredibly intimate and enjoyable. It brings together the mouth and the sexual organ which are both super soft and sensitive. Oral play can be a tremendous gift to give and receive for both hetero and homosexuals.*

* It is beyond the scope of this site to fairly present the world of homo sexual men. No offense is intended and I hope the principles shared here will bless everyone in every way.

Most men absolutely love to receive oral sex and many women absolutely enjoy giving it.

Many women share oral sex with each other. It is one way to powerfully open to the female spirit.

Sexual play unites us in joy when our hearts are honest and open. We grow to really know each other.

In sacred sex a full surrender leads to a full union: the earthly body becomes a way for the Light we all are to reunite with itself in bliss.

The yang of the male unites with the yin of the female: earth and water, fire and wind. This enchanting union can ignite the spark of new Life, either biologically as a child, or inwardly as deepening Love. It can only do this when the heart is fully present to the other. Anything less is robbery.

Long live the difference!

Every part of our amazing body has its own intelligence. Listen to your body. Go very slowly. Never rush what is designed to unfold layer after layer into total, white light, blinding ecstasy.

Play with different positions, and if you want the best, keep your attention fully on the other and on the pure bodily sensations. Follow each other. Make it a slow motion dance. Keep opening. Keep expanding your energies through your entire body until every cell sings. Give to each other fully. This is the real stuff.

Both the Articles and Healing Exercises are great resources for going deeper.

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