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Art Gallery: The Yoni
Yoni is the Sanskrit name for a woman's sacred door of Life. When we love Life and honor the mystery of it; when our hearts are open and our minds once again clear, all things appear as they are: pure, good and beautiful. To be either repressive or disrespectful concerning a woman's body is a result of twisted internal energies.

Look with a child's eyes of wonder at the beauty of the door of Life. God designed it perfectly. Gaze until you see only the natural goodness of this sacred passage and all emotional baggage and projections melt away.

The Yoni is also an open mouth of pure pleasure for a woman. The clitoris is designed for only one thing: to intensely increase a woman's ecstasy. Ecstasy is the pure energy of Life at its highest expression of joy. It is as innocent as sunshine, as innocent as our sacred bodies, as innocent as the Spirit of Life that makes us free. To be released from negative projections and repressive beliefs is to realize the true wisdom of Pure Creative Love: the limitless source of all.
This is the sacred passageway into this world. It is sweet and pure.
There are different kinds of yoni. Each type has its own beauty.
Everything, in its truest nature, is utterly innocent, natural, and pure.
To naturalize our minds is to increase our appreciation and decrease our addictions.
Gaze until you feel the pure beauty and utter goodness of the Yoni's divine design and its silky, ecstatic nature. It is the portal through which all human beings have entered this world. It is the plaything of joyous girls who have become women. It is man's warm, slippery delight. Like everything else in life, the Yoni is a poor master but a great servant of our human happiness. Value your freedom, your openness, your balance in Love about all things... then play with respect, Love with passion... give all your being to being open, honest, kind, couragous and you will grow to be as free as your innermost being already is.

Thank God for women! Thank God for the Yoni! Thank God for Life!

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