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Intention and Commitment

The spiritual process is about liberation and transformation. Old patterns are replaced with new ones in thinking, feeling and actions. There is definite resistance within all of us to do this work. Our basic insecurity likes the familiar over the unknown and new. And this resistance is there in the collective conscious of mankind, built up over centuries. But there is no real freedom without moving through it all into newness. We must see the tremendous benefits of becoming free or we will never commit ourselves to the journey. And we must see the real problems we are all creating by clinging to patterns of thinking, feeling and doing that have originated from a deep basic insecurities and age old twisted ingnorance rather than a sense of being connected to limitless Love and goodness.

So many of our institutions, business patterns, thinking patterns and even religious teachings are based on the belief that we are needy by nature and they work to support and even exploit this basic insecurity. Negative energies come from what I call energetic reversals: which is when the mind believes something as true that is diametrically against the natural instincts and goodness of pure Life and our intelligent body/mind systems. From these reversals comes deep inner conflicts and we transform very natural beautiful things into twisted objects of repression or obsession. We are thrown way out of balance and cut off from the relaxed beauty of true wholeness.

To return to our true center that is radiantly alive, shining with peace and flowing with Love goes against the entire status quo, not just without, but also within us. We have developed unconscious mental/emotional patterns to accommodate our belief that we are separate people living in time/space, basically unknown and needing something to make us feel good about just being alive. To replace these mental/emotional patterns with new ones of feeling connected, known, and loved by the Source of everything is a very exciting process. It is called spiritual growth and is a human equivalent to an acorn pushing through the dark ground, up, up towards the sky to become an oak tree. We are all supposed to grow more open and free by the spiritual energies of Life itself working within us. It is very natural. “God” opens things.

To give ourselves to the work of Life within us we need two very important things:

1. A clear intention to turn around all energetic reversals in order to be a open, free Love-filled and real human being.
2. A very firm commitment to experience whatever we need to in order to get things straightened out inside.

Without a clear intention and commitment to be free the energy reversals will win: we will settle for the dysfunctional familiar instead of the new and natural that is free.

Our intention must be to become wide open to all levels of our being, meaning body, soul and spirit, and to be inwardly as blameless as all natural things truly are: as innocent as sunlight, trees and flowers. We must have a strong intention to be utterly free of all energetic reversals and their effects starting right NOW. Our emotions can become as positive and free flowing as a stream or bird song.

My personal intention is to be, wide open in Love, innocent in Pure Light and free in God's own freedom. Put your intention in your own words and write it down. It needs to include your own purpose of being straightened out and free within. And real Love should be part of it as we are all learning that Love alone is what makes everything work.

After you have your intention written down and feel that it really fits you, work it into your soul. You can do this by memorizing it then making up a little song about it. You can write a poem about it… or draw a silly picture: anything that works it into your awareness. Play with it! Don’t think you can just write it down once and forget it. You must make it a strong part of your daily awareness. It will be your guiding light and your anchor in storms. Repeat it often: "this is my intention, this is my clear purpose. I will…"

As you work your intention into your heart you will be creating a strong commitment naturally, but consciously strengthen it by saying aloud to yourself: I will be open, innocent and free today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and 20 years from now. On the day I die I will be open, innocent and free in real Love. This is my unwavering commitment. Write yours down. Put it on your refrigerator or bathroom mirror. Make it real in your will. A commitment is a naked, unwavering decision, not a feeling. Feelings are always changing like water: commitments are like stones — they remain. Make a clear commitment to your own freedom and happiness right NOW!

You can’t open a lock without a key. So you won’t be able to grow free without a clear intention and strong commitment. I guarantee it: you will drift to other things. So if you are just reading this out of curiosity and not interested in doing it then stop wasting your time. Perhaps the path to spiritual freedom isn’t for you. I’m saying this strongly because I want you to grow free and you won’t stick with it unless you have the two keys of clear intention and strong comitment safely in your pocket.

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