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Your body communicates with itself on an energetic level. We will work through several stages to activate and strengthen your body's natural energetic systems. Take each step slowly and enjoy the journey. It feels really good to wake up and stimulate your body’s energy flow.
(this is best done naked, but do what you are comfortable with.)
Sit down on the floor with your legs out in front of you. Now reach down your legs as far as you comfortably can to a foot. Bend your leg and draw it to you if needed. Rub your entire foot, including toes. There are many important nerve endings in your feet and toes. Then draw your hands up smoothly over the skin of your leg all the way to your hips. Do this several times while you close your eyes and concentrate. Follow the feeling of brushing over the skin of your leg. You are teaching your attention how to flow up your leg. Now do your other foot and leg.
Now lay down on your back and rub your sexual area very lightly. Your purpose is to put your full attention on the sensation. Simply feel without mental interpretations. Rub very lightly in a large circle over your entire lap area for perhaps 80 times. The exact number is not important. If you feel sexual stimulation, that is beautiful. Welcome it.. If you don't that's ok too. Don't be concerned.
Now rub your stomach area very lightly in the same way. Just feel with full attention as if you never felt it before.
Now your diaphragm area.
Now your entire chest area. As you do this breathe deeply and slowly. Feel the air inside your lungs and whatever sensation you have from the gentle skin brushing.
Now run your hands very lightly up your neck and over your face. Feel fully and breathe slowly and deeply. Practice becoming the sensation itself, not thoughts about it.
Next tap the top of your head very lightly, as if your fingers were gentle rain drops.
Next run your hands very lightly back down your face, neck, chest, stomach and sitting up continue right down to your feet. Rub your feet again, then brush back up from feet to top of head and tap your head lightly again. Then back down. Continue this for a while, practicing moving beyond thoughts to pure sensation. You are making important connections between mind and body!
Now we will add more energy. See for yourself how energy follows attention. Practice until you can move your attention in a free flow through your body. At first you follow your hand/body sensations then you learn to move your attention only and energy will naturally follow it.
Repeat the first exercise, then stop using your hands and try just putting your attention fully on your feet. Feel the raw sensation of what we call feet. Pretend you don’t know what they are. Just feel them. Then as you slowly draw in a breath move your attention up your legs to your sexual area as if you were sucking water up a straw. Suck the water of your attentioin up your legs into your lap. As you exhale move it back down and out the bottom of your feet.
At first your attention may jump over areas. That is normal and it is why we must work on developing this. With practice you will be able to flow your attention smoothly and you will feel a subtle but real energy moving through you.
Now draw your attention up your legs into your sexual area. As you exhale imagine this area opening up into pure Light as if a little sun was shining there.
Now lightly rub in a circle over your sexual area and draw this energy down into the light as you inhale and back out as you exhale. Using attention, imagination and feeling you are opening up your base Chakra, or spiritual center, connecting your physical body to the Light Body of pure consciousness that is the deepest you. (See Spiritual Center Page for More Information.)
Now rub your stomach again, drawing any feeling in your sexual area up into your stomach. Imagine your stomach as a circle of light and draw your sensations into the light, then back out. Let whatever you feel fill your entire lower body and really enjoy it. You can ask yourself, what is this? Just feel it without mental interpretations. (If this is not possible for you because of heavy mental/emotional projections we will deal with that in another exercise. Just do the best you can and observe what is going on within you without criticism. It is all important development.)
Now rub your sexual area lightly again, then your stomach, then draw the sensations with both hands lightly skimming your skin up to your diaphragm area. Rub this area very lightly in a circle and let all the sensations you are having also fill this area.
Rub your sexual area again and draw the sensation with your hands up to your heart. Rub your entire chest area and breasts in a circle and breath in very slowly and deeply. Feel the lightness of the air in your lungs. Let your sexual feelings, however subtle or strong, fill your entire chest area. You are opening and uniting two really powerful spiritual centers.
Now draw the energy with your hands up your throat very lightly and into your face. Massage your jaw muscles all the way up past the front of your ears. Massage your ears and your scalp. Follow your sensations. They will be your teachers after you get the idea of what this is about.
Massage your sexual area once more, then brush your hands up your body, over your face and tap the top of your head very lightly: remember, like light rain drops. Then bring both hands down, brushing over your skin all the way back down to your sexual area. Rub again then bring the sensation up to the top and back down. Circulate it freely.
Now include your arms and hands. Using one hand at a time draw your sexual sensations up the stomach then over the sides of the ribs lightly and up the arm all the way to the hand. Now repeat on the other side. This connects body energy flow with your hands which are meant to be full of healing energy.

Doing this with a partner is really beautiful. One lays quiety, only following with attention as the other does the brushing sequences. This is so soothing! Follow your own energies as you build into really ecstatic states and you can flow in and out of this practice as you make love. You can also work with this highly aroused state of mutual resonance and inspiration (Love) to reprogram your deeply held unconsious beliefs. (See Turning Things Around).

Develop a free flow through your entire body. Again, once the sensation is moving direct it with your attention. It will follow. You train your attention to move and flow by following your hands. Once you get the idea follow your sensations intuitively. Your spirit and body will teach you.
This exercise awakens your entire energetic system, stimulates meridian flow, frees your attention from the tyranny of thoughts, opens your spiritual centers, connects them, awakens your body/mind intuition and begins to connect sexual energy to your higher levels of being. Really good stuff!