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This Exercise Comes from The Inner Healing Center
These are simple keys anyone can use to create a powerful and consistent healing process in their mind and heart. These principles can restore personal liberation even to long-term depressed people who are in a state of utter weariness and despair.

They focus on aspects of our inner being that can function wholly independent of emotions or low energy levels. They require no personal strength, but simply exercises our most fundamental and child-like capabilities.
First Key: Make a Commitment to Become Free.

Don't try to change your emotions or thoughts directly. Simply allow them to be. Completely give up the battle of trying to change or control thoughts or feelings.

Instead, make this commitment to yourself with no support of feelings: I will be free!

It is a decision using the same free faculty that allows you to move your hand or look up no matter how you feel. There are no feelings involved.
A commitment means you will choose to be free today and tomorrow and next week, and next year, and five years from now, ten, twenty years from now and on your death bed: your choice will be the same, irregardless of all thoughts or feelings, I will be free.

Go ahead, Make the choice now. Remember, there is no energy involved. No feelings are needed in support of this choice. It is a naked choice with no effort.
Second Key: Imagination

Start using your imagination in a creative way instead of passively allowing it to support negative thoughts and feelings. Here is how.

Imagine yourself walking across the room. It doesn't have to be vividly visual. A vague sense will do. Now imagine yourself walking up the wall and onto the ceiling. Imagine yourself upside down standing on the ceiling.
Can you see that you imagination is also free of your feelings as well as the limits of time and space? You can exercise it any time you want.

Here is a great secret: feelings eventually follow imaginative imagery that is connected to your commitment to be free.

You can't change your thoughts or feelings directly. You can indirectly, using the two parts of you that need NO EMOTIONAL energy or support for you to use

In a real sense, this is an effortless work. Naked choice and your free imagination transforming images that connect with negative feelings and thoughts.

Right now, you are no longer a victim, helplessly suffering something greater than you. Right now you have the keys of personal liberation from depression, despair, apathetic numbness and every other form of debilitation.

You don't even need to feel that this is true. Make your choice and exercise your imagination that is not limited to feelings, understanding, time, memories or even space. Follow this child-like pathway, one step at a time, one experience at a time. This is the way to grow from where you are to where you can be.
Here are two very simple examples of transforming negative emotions through imagery. Try them and, of course, be free to then make up your own.

Vacuum Cleaner:

Feel the negative emotion IN YOUR BODY. Imagine it as a black cloud. Imagine that you always have with you the WORLD'S MOST POWERFUL VACUUM CLEANER. Nothing can resist it! Now suck that black cloud right out of your mind and body.
Don't wait for the emotion to do anything to support your image. Separate your imagination from your need to feel any change which is just
an old habit. This frees your imagination from emotional enslavement. Send this imaginative message to your unconscious and just let it be. You may feel a real release right away. If not now, you will later. Repeat it each time this emotion comes up until you realise it has turned from negative to either positive or neutral.
Bucket of Fire

Feel the emotion in your body. Where is it? Imagine it is a dark cloud, or an animal. Take it and drop it into a bucket of fire. Watch it burn up completely until only sparkling light remains.
The sun is always shinning, no matter what the clouds are doing. In the same way, God is infinite, limitless Love loving you, just as you are, right now no matter what you think or feel!

God is Love, loving, forgiving, accepting and valuing you. Nothing you have ever felt, thought or done can or will ever change God who is infinite Love and mercy loving you. God is your freedom!

Here is a very simple exercise to help you sense God's pure Presence in this miraculous moment of Life. From this pure Presence of the infinite in you shines peace beyond understanding.
Breathe in SLOWLY AND DEEPLY. Feel the sky in your chest. Your deepest self is like this. As birds pass through the sky, but are not the sky, so thoughts and feelings pass through you, but are not you. You are the open sky the thoughts arise in, the timeless silence feelings pass through.

Feel the openness and freedom of the sky in your lungs. Your deepest self is Light and lightness. Relax: lean back into this sense of openness in you. Move your identity from thoughts and feelings to this sense of inner space and freedom. You are like that. You are an open, clear, clean spirit experiencing being wrapped around by a body, experiencing emotional pain through the illusion of identity with passing thoughts and emotions.

Feel your body wrapped around this inner space of freedom, of lightness, of sky. Once you sense that you are something beyond thoughts and feelings, you begin to wake. You are a pure, naked Presence in this ever-changing moment of Existence. Be that.
There are many free resources on this web site to help you grow freer, encourage and inspire you. Just return to the Healing Index and browse around. And may the God of limitless Love, peace and freedom who is in the silence beyond all matter, bring your mind to harmony and peace as you move from victim to victor through the child-like and powerful use of creative imagination and your commitment to be free.

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