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In a real way methods and words get in the way. Principles are very powerful. We do them and Life teaches us in the doing. These simple principles deal with the very root of human conflicts.

We experience life through the filter of our beliefs. Every human being has been given the freedom to experience fully what they choose to believe about Life. How do I know? This is exactly how Life is actually happening.

If you want to really change your life you must rewrite your inner software — you must have new beliefs worked into the unconscious structure of your mind. As they grow stronger the Universe (God) responds. Things begin to change.

A belief is not a feeling; it is a deep acceptance and reliance that something is true to the point that this belief becomes foundational to how your unconscious organizes its ideas, thoughts, feeling structures and dynamics. Different inner programming creates different results.

To grow you must take personal responsibility for change. In other words, you must actually stop blaming others for your situations. See that your life is reflecting your deeply held beliefs. Then practice reprograming your mind. Get really good at it. You can do this through the principle of turn arounds.


A. First, see clearly the actual belief that is affecting your life. Put it in clear words.
B. Question it: is this true or does it only seem true because of familiar emotions and resonance with those who believe just like me?
C. Accept you are free to choose a new belief that is just the opposite.
D. Put the new one into a clear statement, commit yourself to it, and work it into your heart.


1. Old belief: I can’t do it. If I try this new thing I will fail and suffer disappointment. I feel this is true. This is how life is for me. Other's see me this way too. Life sucks.
2. Question it: does this belief make me happy? Does it open up new opportunities for me? Does the fact that it feels emotionally familiar make it actually true? Is this belief beautiful? Does it inspire me and make me free?
3. If I don’t want it, I am the only one that can turn it around. No one is going to do this for me.
4. New belief: I can do it because newness comes through new beliefs and the future is not doomed to repeat the past. Things are different NOW. They will keep changing. This resistive feeling will melt away like butter in a hot pan. Life is beautiful.

Please be clear that though positive thinking is fantastic, it is not enough because thoughts will continue to be created by the unconscious programming of deeply held beliefs. The root is the negative belief supported by negative emotions and past experiences. If this is not changed your life will not shift into new dynamics even though you practice thinking it will. YOU MUST CHANGE YOUR BELIEFS. Then new thoughts will spring up from your newly accepted reality accompanied by a whole new relationship with Life itself and the way things naturally happen for you.

A belief is primarily a choice, not a feeling. It is a deep allowing of what you believe to be true. We can choose a new belief even though emotional feelings run against it at first. The emotions and experiences will follow later. This naked choice opens the door for newness to grow. Then through exercises we can work the new belief strongly into our unconscious minds.

       The new grows stronger as the old gets weaker. This is the way of life.


There is often a time of unsettledness within you during this process. This is a sign that the unconscious is restructuring itself. This is very good. Trust. In the Gospel of Thomas Jesus says,

"Let him who seeks, not cease seeking until he finds, and when he finds, he will be troubled, and when he has been troubled, he will marvel and reign over the all."

We all have a natural aversion to powerful inner restructuring, but if you want to be really free, accept the entire process as a great adventure into the Real. It is the very best you could ever know.

There are many ways to transform your unconscious. The Inner Healing Center alone has 20 different approaches. Once you experientially learn transformational principles you can apply them to dance, cooking, talking, singing, drawing, writing, walking, fishing, painting, making love, or even web site creation :). Here are two ways. Try them.

Sex opens us and fills us with peak energies. As you practice allowing sexual energy to fill your entire body/mind system (See Awakening Your Body Systems) unite this pure energy and its instinct to open and inspire you with your new belief. Shout it, speak it, moan it, dance it, celebrate it. Let sexual energy carry you through the old emotional resistance. This will work your new belief powerfully into your unconscious and body/mind energy systems, especially when you unite it with sexually ecstatic states often. If you are doing this with a partner, affirm your new beliefs together through ecstatic moans and laughter. This agreement, or mutual resonance (vibrating together in harmony), is very powerful as resonance is how we communicate with the Universe, with the higher creative worlds, with God.

Write down both your old and new beliefs. See the contrast clearly. Let thought develop into new patterns through writing. Write and journal your growth process: this is very helpful for it connects your conscious mind with your right brain and unconscious body/mind energy systems. Write poems about your transformation, both the old ways of being and the new. Poetry is the language of your right brain, or deep, imaginative and intuitive mind. Write stories that recreate your life experience and fulfill your most essential growth needs. Your unconscious can be powerfully developed and liberated through a life of writing. (See the Healing Page on Reinterpreting Your Life.)

See the other healing exercises on this site. Also, The Inner Healing web site has all kinds of free, really inspiring practices to help you grow. Explore and enjoy them. The Pink Tantra Site also has amazing things to explore. Goodness to you! Good expanding. You can be a beautiful Life!

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