Spiritual practice is how we grow

Practice is the key to becoming good in any sport or art form. When you find a spiritual practice you love you tend to do it naturally every day, like brushing your teeth. We should have been taught practices to care for our inner being as children, but it is never too late.

To integrate sex and spirit takes practice. You can do it alone or with your partner. The exercises and principles in this Healing Section are simple and work when your intention is clear and your commitment to repetition is strong. First comes the repetition, or repeated practice, then the freedom grows. There is no way around this.

The main point is to experience the reality of your own Pure Being and the Divine — these are intertwined, you can’t know one without the other — and to be liberated from our resistive nature: meaning our selfish egoism and its pain body nature that holds us back, blinds us, twists things and causes untold miseries. (See Levels of Being)

Sex will be our helper
She is like a little sister to the full freedom of the Spirit which has no limits, being of the infinite and eternal. The true nature of sex mirrors the higher instincts of the Spirit and soul and it can become a good teacher and unite its energies with the Spirit in states of astonishing inner freedom and clarity. When Spirit and body work together we open, and our surrender into the highest and best within us will be direct, joyous and real.

Explore the exercises on this site. They work on different levels of your being. Find what you love and do it. Ultimately, it is the Divine freedom that alone makes us free.

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