There can be no complete way of Life that does not embrace sex as one of its paths.

If you didn’t get to carry your playful, child-like spirit into your adolescent sexual awaking then you were robbed of a happy relationship with your own soul and sensuous body which is foundational to having healthy relationships with others.

Sacred sex is about discovering the inherent instincts of sex to play, birth new life, unite us with each other and heal. It is about innocent ecstatic energy flowing through our innocent bodies. To discover the spiritual essence of sex is nothing short of a journey into the true nature of our selves.

If you embrace it as a spiritual way it can purify negative shadows out of your mind until your whole being shines with the Light of Life that is our actual essence.

Sex is the foundational level of our multi  dimensional beings. The instinct of sex to open us perfectly mirrors the highest level of our being that loves to open to the blissful Source within the center of us all. Here you can learn to ride sexual energy home to your Truest Being where you may glimpse the unified nature of existence, and surrender open into the beauty and Love that is our highest fulfillment and joy.

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A description of who might best be inspired by this site. Check here to get a sense if this unique approach to sex is right for you.

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Here you may gaze at the astonishing purity of the human body and feel the innocent joy of sexual ecstasy. Come here to sooth your senses, and pass beyond image into the beauty of your own body's spiritual essences.
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Discover ways to open your energy flows, refind your playful innocence, and gain keys to create paths home to the ultimate mystery and beauty that cradles us all.
Healing Practices
Purification is liberation: it is increasing lightness of being as you recover your sense of wonder and happiness in real Love. Here are simple spiritual exercises that anyone can do to wash away inner pain and shadows.
Levels of Being
A chart that gives you a foundational understanding of the levels of your own, mystical, amazing being.
Recordings & Story
Audio recordings of wild poetic inspiration from the Sexual Happiness Cd plus a story of adolescent sexual initiation — a much needed new social pattern.
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Enrich your life through the Sexual Happiness Cd offered here. Or purchase Sexual Healing Guided Meditational Trance by itself.
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